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Guitar Player
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Parent and Student Testimonials

"Mike is a great teacher and an all-around awesome guy. He taught me how to play guitar when I was just starting out about 12 years ago, and helped me learn a lot about producing music more recently. I can definitely say I wouldn't have the same talent or love for making music that I have today without his teaching and influence". - Matt M.


"Michael is not only a superb instructor but he brings a very high level of musicianship to each student". " Our son grew both technically and instinctively but most importantly Michael was a total encouragement to him to continue to pursue his passion of music". - Stuart C.


"Mike Binder shreds harder than any Colorado guitar player on the scene! The guy is gifted. . .and he's kind of cool too! -Tyler Ward (Sony Recording Artist) 


"Mike Binder is an amazing guitar teacher. My son has had the privilege of working with Mike since he was 7 years old and he is now 14. Coby loves his lessons with Mike because Mike really understands how to motivate and inspire him, and this has given him a true appreciation for working hard and loving music". -Joanna M.


"I started taking guitar lessons from Mike about seven months ago and have learned an incredible amount in such a short time. I think what makes my lessons so productive with Mike is his passion for music. Regardless of what I'm learning his goal is not to get me to master a skill but to get me to understand music on a deeper level. And that has enabled me to learn far more about the technical skill of guitar playing and music making than rote memorization or book learning. I would send anyone his way who is learning or wants to learn how to be not just a guitar player, but a musician as well." - Phillip W.


"My daughter takes lessons from Mike and absolutely loves it. She loves the fact that she walks out of her lesson having learned a new song each and every week. Mike is patient and teaches her the way she wants to learn - by learning the music she likes. Highly recommend." - Deborah 


"Michael gave guitar and bass lessons to both of my sons. On top of being an amazing musician who understands every aspect of the business, Michael has an incredible ability to connect with students and teach them at the level they are at while challenging them to be their best. 5 stars + -Ken M.


"Mike strikes just the right balance with my son. He is laid back, fun, and engaging, but still serious and motivating enough in his teaching that my son is making great progress and feels very accomplished". -Emily G.


"When I moved to the U.S. in March I decided to finally learn how to play the guitar. I don't think it's very common to start playing an instrument in your mid-twenties, but with Mike as my teacher I quickly started to feel confident, and it's always fun. He takes every question seriously, and if I have a hard time understanding something or playing something he will patiently help out even if I already asked it previous times. So, if you are looking for a patient, passionate, and skilled guitar teacher, he is your guy!" -Mirka 


"Mike has been faithfully providing guitar lessons for our son for the last six years. It is a joy to watch our son's musical ability and enthusiasm flourish under Mike's skilled attention to Jon's interest and talent." -Lynne H.




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